One of the biggest challenges faced when going to an event is the age-old question of what to wear? We have all heard it time and time again, dress to impress and you will be fine. We all know what to wear to the office or to that business meeting. Everyone who has ever worked in a corporate environment probably has a favorite power suit in their closet.    

But what does that mean at the clubs, events, or the hottest parties of the year? What does neon night, bikini ball, or lingerie really mean these days? We have all walked into an event and seen the hottest woman on the dance floor wearing that outfit that looks like nothing you own or have even ever seen! Where did she get that bikini and why does it look so good under the neon lights? Why does it not bunch up or pull when she dances? Where does a top like that one come from anyway?   

At one time or another everyone has felt this? Whether or not you have been to one event or twenty this question always remains. After many events, I have an entire club suitcase and this question still plagues me before I get dressed for any event.  So, lets start with the basics!  

What is sexy anyway and how do you do it? Sexy is confidence! It is the outfit you put on and feel like a million dollars in. If you aren’t confident in your outfit, it will show. If you walk in like you own the dance floor, then you do.  

One of the trendiest themes is neon night or rave night. Almost all venues have this theme at some point. The one that inspired this blog is, The Neon Ball being hosted by Club Eden in DFW. 

Does this mean some outfit that you have had since 1980 hiding in your closet? No! This means sexy neon attire that will look good in club lights and cool and comfortable enough in a hot dance club. Simple right? This is not as easy as say an ugly sweater – but luckily it is 2020 and with places like Amazon something you order today can be here tomorrow. 

So, to help you shine for your next event here is a list of favorites and things that I like at events.  Many of the things worn at events are items that can be worn at multiple events and theme nights.   Swimwear – I know I know I said neon and club, not beach in Mexico.  

Quality swimsuits are perfect for dancing the night away, they move with you and do not get sweaty after getting your groove on all night. Plus - they are easy off clothing! – has some of the hottest swimwear for the club scene that I have found. The material used is high quality and looks fantastic in club lights. The website features a fit guide to assist you in choosing the right suit for you.  And it also works well in the pool as it dries quickly, and the colors will not fade in the pool.  

Now what to wear with a swimsuit in a club, after years of events and dancing, ok and the fact that I am not longer twenty……high heels are no longer my club go to. Instead I prefer chucks, yes that’s right good old-fashioned Converse.  With hundreds of styles and everything from platform to ones that sparkle and even neon. You are sure to find something that fits your fancy. The are sold many places and even on Amazon. A quick search revels all sorts of options.  Socks as well come from Amazon, many choices, knee height, thigh highs, no shows, neon ones, funny ones, there is no end to the many options.  

What do I wear over this? My personal choice is a tutu that lights up from Amazon, these are inexpensive come in many colors and a one size fits all. I have also worn my favorite denim mini skirt, cut off jean shorts, and nothing at all!  

Shirts also come from Amazon, backless cowl neck tops come in a variety of colors, are light weight, sexy and a one size fits all. Perfect for the first drink at the club until I start dancing, also something to wear when leaving.  

As far as my hair goes, I love a good hat, and a high pony tail, or pigtails, but when I do not wear a hat, there is always neon head bands, cat ears, unicorn horns, and many other choices.  These can be purchased anywhere from the dollar store, big box store of your choice, and yes Amazon.   

Under all my tops I always wear my non piercing jewelry for when the top comes off!  And it always does. has over 50 styles, you will find something to top your ladies that will look amazing at the event. If jewelry is not your preference there is always pasties from that work well under swim wear and will not come off while dancing.  Once all paired together this outfit creates a cute, confident, and sexy look that makes me feel like I own the dance floor.  

Want to see it in person? Come play with me at Eden in Dallas on NYE!    


Baby J!